Pediatric stabilizing wrist brace EB-N-01

Stabilizing wrist brace EB-N-01 immobilizes and stabilizes the little wrist joint. It’s a great replacement for heavy, traditional cast plasters.

Product Features

CAST REPLACEMENT CAST REPLACEMENT – the brace replaces to a heavy plaster cast
24-GODZINNA TERAPIA 24-GODZINNA TERAPIA – our product may be used for all day long
I CLASS MEDICAL PRODUCT I CLASS MEDICAL PRODUCT – the products is registered and patented medical device class I
ANATOMIC WRIST SPLINT ANATOMIC WRIST SPLINT – anatomic shaped splint provides excellent immobilization and stabilization
INNOVATIVE INNOVATIVE – the brace is designed with hi technology


  • wrist fractures
  • wrist sprain/strain
  • wrist dislocation
  • wrist inflammation
  • overused wrist joint
  • joint capsule injury
  • Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex (TFCC) injury
  • stress fracture


Wrist fracture is one of the most common injury in the wrist area. We may observe ulnar or radius fracture and also fracture of lunate, scaphoid and trapezium bones. Usually, the wrist bones break when the kid falls onto an outstretched hand.

Złamanie nadgarstka

After injury, the kid feels pain, irritation and the joint is red and swollen. Also, the range of motion is highly limited. In most cases, the surgery is unnecessary and joint immobilization is sufficient. To do that, the kids wrist brace EB-N-01 is perfect.


Stabilizing wrist brace EB-N-01 immobilizes and stabilizes the little wrist joint. It’s a great replacement for heavy, traditional cast plasters.

The upper part of the brace is made of high quality material ProFit.


ProFit is a double-layer fabric that is elastic in all directions and fits to limb precisely. External side is made of spandex providing excellent compression and absorbs muscles shocks in physical activity. Internal side consists of microfiber, cotton and elastane what makes it skin-friendly, breathable and provides velvet softness. ProFit is friendly and neutral for the skin and has Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificate.

Lower part of the brace EB-N-01 is made of special medical fabric AirSanmed. The fabric is perforated medical laminate with antibacterial properties of Silver Zeolite. It keeps the skin dry and provides excellent wrist and forearm stabilization. Also, AirSanmed reduces the splint’s pressure on the wrist joint and prevents against the skin lesions.


AirSanmed isn’t elastic what provides excellent stabilization. The skin has contact with cotton terry with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificate. There is semi-rigid perforated foam EVA inside that protect the skin against the metal splints influence. External side of the fabric is perforated medical laminate with antibacterial properties of Silver Zeolite. It provides long-term efficacy and prevents against the most dangerous infectious microorganisms such as MRSA and E.coli. AirSanmed is accordance with Health Minister`s ordinance of 3 November 2004 and Council Directive 93/42/EWG of 14 June 1993.

Due to the anatomic shape, the aluminum splint stabilizes and immobilizes the wrist perfectly. In the hand part the splint immobilizes the little carpal bones (scaphoid, lunate, triquetrum, trapezium, trapezoid, capitate and hamate bones). In the forearm part the splint immobilizes forearm bones such as radius and ulna. Perforated AirSanmed reduces the risk of skin irritation and lesions.

Our kids wrist brace EB-N-01 has 2 circumferential straps. The first one is made of ProFit and provides individual level of compression. The second one, is a typical Velcro strap and provides additional stabilization of the wrist and prevents against changing positions of the splint. The strap allows also to adjust required compression. Due to this full range of adjustment, out wrist brace guarantees much better stabilization and compression than heavy plaster cast.

Available sizes

Size Wrist circumference Typical age How to measure
1 9 – 11 cm 2 – 6 years
2 11,5 – 13 cm 6 – 12 years

Right and left hand specific.

Total height of the product:
1 i 2 : 15 cm