About us

How the idea of creating 4kids products was born?

Children are the most demanding customer among all age groups. To awaken their interest, it is necessary to use the most appealing means. When we started the work on the project, we had to face up to the children’s taste and make their everyday functioning more comfortable. Nowadays, in a colorful and perfect world, it is not easy to surprise young customers, who get bored quickly. We made our best to provide the most interesting offer both for parents and for children. We have a well equipped technological facilities and the group of designers, what lets for creating even such a tiny product!

Are our products different from other devices available on the market?

Of course! It is necessary to say, that there are only few manufacturers of high-quality paediatric braces in the world. The highest quality of each single detail and a perfect fitting even to such a small hand or leg – these are the features that differ our products from other available on the market. Our offer is really wide, so that each patient can find a product fully reaching his expectations. What is more, if a standard size table is not appropriate for a given patient, our technological facilities let us for creating the product in the individual size.

Is it worth to place your trust in our products?

Without a doubt! Our products are not imported from Asia at all! From the beginning till the end, the production process, which is based on Quality Management System ISO 13485, takes place in Poland. This is the best proof confirming their quality and level of safety. We are convinced that the products designed for children need to be made of approved fabrics and details which will be safe for the skin – REH4MAT can guarantee that!

How much have we achieved so far?

Nowadays, REH4MAT is the leading manufacturer of orthopaedic devices and medical accessories. Every day, we produce hundreds of braces and accessories that are destinated to our distributors and patients both in Poland and in foreign countries. Thanks to innovativeness and guarranty for the safety, our brand is getting more and more recognizable internationally – including The United States of America, Qatar and Australia.

What more can we do for you?

If you have any questions, observations or notifications, just contact us!
Your opinions are extremely important for us. Each of them is carefully analyzed by our medical and technical team. On the grounds of your notifications we create the offer and we are do our best to adjust it to your needs.