Kids open knee brace with ROM adjustment AM-DOSK-O/1R

Kids open knee brace AM-DOSK-O/1R is an excellent solution when knee immobilization and stabilization is needed in cases of mild or severe knee sprain.


Product Features

PLASTER CAST REPLACEMENT PLASTER CAST REPLACEMENT – the brace replace a traditional, uncomfortable cast
24/7 THERAPY 24/7 THERAPY – the brace may be used for all day long immobilization and ankle stabilization in daily activities
I CLASS MEDICAL PRODUCT I CLASS MEDICAL PRODUCT – the products is registered and patented medical device class I
MAGNETIC 1R DROP LOCK – the brace is equipped with innovative magnetic drop lock 1R orthodesign, which provides range of motion adjustment in every 15°. The splint is patented in EU
INNOVATIVE INNOVATIVE – the brace is designed with hi technology


  • knee dislocation
  • knee sprain
  • knee instability
  • ACL, PCL, MCL and LCL injuries
  • meniscus tears and injuries
  • Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA)
  • non-specific osteitis
  • osteonecrosis
  • other surgical procedures


Knee strain or sprain is a result of an impact with another kid a twisting with the foot in contact with the ground. Day-to-day children’s activity, when their bones are still growing, may leads to overuse the little knee joints.

There are 3 types of knee strain: slight, mild and severe. More severe injury is connected with damage of ligaments, meniscus and joint capsule. Then, slight knee strain may be even overlooked by your kid. Due to this fact, you should observe your child and if you will notice some symptoms, take your kid to the doctor. Untreated knee strain or sprain may result in serious health consequences in its future life.

In both cases, mild or severe knee sprain, the doctor will recommend the rest and immobilization of the leg. Our kids open knee brace AM-DOSK-O/1R with ROM adjustment will be excellent product to do that.


Kids open knee brace AM-DOSK-O/1R is an excellent solution when knee immobilization and stabilization is needed. The brace is equipped with innovative drop lock providing range of motion adjustment in every 15°. Regarding to needs, you can limit the joint motion or immobilize it. Our kids knee brace is approved and certificated by famous institutes, conforming its quality and safety.

Knee brace AM-DOSK-O/1R is made of innovative and skin-friendly fabric ProSix.


ProSix is an innovative fabric 3D, elastic in all directions and fitting to the limb precisely. External layer is 3D material providing excellent stabilization. There is duothermic spacer foam providing high air permeability and compression inside. The kid’s skin has contact with cotton which is breathable and soft. ProSix is friendly and neutral for the skin and has Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificate.

Aluminium slide splints provide complex support and prevent against the knee instability. The splints are anatomic shaped and reduce the pressure on the bony prominences e.g. condyles of femur. The splints are made of the highest quality light weight materials.

The orthopaedic splint 1R is our innovative solution patented in the EU. The drop lock is very small (diameter: 30 mm) and provides 15° ROM adjustment. In addition, we apply the allen screws, which are mounted by steel pins and magnet. The most innovative is the blocking disk with the ratchet, which ensures required angle of ROM.

Due to this fact, our orthopaedic splint 1R provides more anatomic and safety stabilization and immobilization than traditional plaster cast.

Our kids open knee brace AM-DOSK-O/1R has wrap around design and can be used in children with circumferential differences between thigh and calf. What’s more, our brace has two rear and frontal circumferential straps which provide additional stabilization and compression.

Rear part of the knee brace is made of ProSix for good skin breathing and wicking the sweat away. The fabric is smooth and do not cause any skin lesions.

Our kids knee brace AM-DOSK-O/1R stabilizes the knee in frontal plane and supports knee even in case of severe instability. In case of strain or sprain knee, our drop lock 1R orthodesign provides knee immobilization in 0°. Then, when the joint motion is bigger, our drop lock allows to adjust required degree of knee flexion in every 15°. Internal cotton layer is soft and skin friendly. ProSix fabric keeps the skin dry and promotes healing reducing the swelling and bruising.

Our paediatric knee brace AM-DOSK-O/1R is the best choice for your kid’s knee!

Available sizes

Size Knee circumference Typical age How to measure
1 23-26 cm 2 – 5 years
2 26,5-29 cm 5 – 8 years
3 29,5-33 cm 8 – 12 years

Fits for both knees.

Total height of the product:
1 : 26 cm
2 : 28 cm
3 : 28 cm